IT Security Consulting


Security and Risk Management
In order to help small and medium sized companies ensure that physical, organizational and network security are hardened enough to resist several types of attackers, security audits, risk assessments and technical coaching are offered to help clients understand current risks and to mitigate, transfer or accept these risks.



Data Security
In today’s rapidly moving technological environment, many company leaders of mid- to small sized companies are at times overwhelmed with the complexity of the legal, statutory and security requirements now placed on companies operating within the EU and specifically in Germany.

German data security law provides many examples of privacy best practices. We expect aspects of this will be included in the new European-wide data security regulations and are helping companies to ensure minimum requirements are met, as infringements to this law result in high risk, image damage and steep fines. 


Health, Safety and Social Compliance
Many companies face unknown risks in the areas of worker safety and legal compliance. Site visits are conducted whereby measures for improvement are identified in the areas of departmental operational excellence, legal compliance management, and building and supplier management. Key members of management are supported with a hands-on toolset to quickly identify and implement the measures necessary to improve operations, reduce risks and support long term financial sustainability.

Service Offerings