IT Audit


Sycheck offers all types of IT process audits which verify compliance with IT best practice, ISO standards (such as ISO 27001 Annex A controls) and internal policies. These include certification audits, process optimization audits or technical security audits. The Sycheck team conducts on-site audits and off-site document and process reviews.

Sycheck assessment results may serve as impartial evidence that audited possesses are effective, based on random sampling. This is how we offer value-added services and highlight areas for improvement in IT security and process improvement. 

Security Training

Ongoing training of company leadership and staff helps companies achieve their security goals. At Sycheck we specialize in coaching security executives (CIOs and CISOs) by assisting them to achieve specific skills, competencies and awareness.

This mentoring and professional development includes webinars, on-site traiing and security retreats.  Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling an introductory session to determine if this could be helpful for you.


IT Security, Risk Management and BCM

In order to help small and medium sized companies ensure that physical, organizational and network security is established or optimized we apply Sycheck IT consulting methodology and reviews, including peer review of existing risk management and business continuity models. We help clients understand current risks and to document these, inlcuidng risk treatment and management review. Business continuity management reviews are also requested including consulting on the implementation of resiliant disaster recovery systems. 

Data Security

In today‚Äôs rapidly moving technological environment, many company leaders of mid- to small sized companies are at times overwhelmed with the complexity of the legal, statutory and security requirements now placed on companies operating within the EU and specifically, withinin Germany.  The German data privacy law is an example of a best practice which may become the foundation of the new European-wide data security law. We are now helping companies within Europe to ensure that key requirements are met by leadership and their employees, as infringements to this law do result in steep fines.

Health, Safety and Social Compliance

Many mid-sized companies (with around 1000 employees) face unknown or unmanaged risks in the areas of IT security, worker safety and legal compliance. Sycheck site visits may be conducted whereby existing process weaknesses and measures for improvement are identified in the focus areas, i.e., in operational excellence, legal compliance, employee training, facility or supplier management. Key members of management are supported with a hands-on toolset to quickly identify and implement the measures necessary to improve operations, reduce known legal risks, increase employee and client satisfaction and to support the company's long term financial sustainability.


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