foundationSycheck has created a standard for foundations based on the global ISO 9001 high level structure and best practices for quality management. This standard  includes minimum requirements for sustainable operations, legal and admin, fundraising, investment management, project management, IT, risk and security management, project management, health and safety and overall risk management.

Early cooperation with European and American foundations and non-profit associations has led to continual improvement of this new quality standard for foundations everywhere.

In this way, Sycheck has been able to assist foundation leadership to improve operational processes, reporting, overall goal definition, measurement and achievement by implementing and auditing according to the Foundations Quality Management standard criteria.

Collaboration with interested parties has led to better control of all quality relevant processes, sharpening risk management, increasing fundraising and improving donor project management. One additional benefit has been improvements in the precision of project success measurement criteria and reduction of fraud, waste and abuse.

Foundations supported are mainly focused on providing capacity building in the areas of critical IT infrastructure and youth education and development.