European Relocation Association

Sycheck works with associations in Germany and abroad to help them define and improve their own industry-specific standards. This has led to increased quality across industries where there were formerly either no internationally recognized quality standards, as in the global relocation industry or multiple, sometimes conflicting standards, as in the clothing and food industries. Extensive experience was gathered working with DQS and the European Relocation Association as the original EuRA lrad auditor and global project manager for this customer-specific standard, the EuRA Global Quality Seal.

The EuRA Global Quality Seal is the world’s first external certification program for global relocation providers (for both Relocation Management Companies and Destination Service Providers) and certification according to this standard is open to all Full, Associate and Worldwide EuRA Members. 

In this role, Mrs. Kleinmichel conducted annual DQS auditor training sessions for international DQS auditors, certified over 50 EuRA member locations throughout Europe and North America and provided input from auditors and association member for improvement to the EuRA Forum for their annual standard revision meetings. This leads to continuous annual improvement to the first relocation association standard.

More about the EuRA Quality Seal can be found here.